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  • Jaguar SS to Jaguar MKIV Rear Main Oil Seal Modification Kit
  • Steam Valve RH2644 replacement
  • Spare fuse wire & holder (DW432P)
  • Fuel tank (UR5361P)
  • S link (RG6025P)
  • Master cylinder piston kit (RG5782KIT)
  • Emission plugs (EMIKIT)
  • Brake reservoir clamp spacer (UR2852P)
  • Brake shoe alignment tool (RH627P)
  • Push rod (RE24053)
  • Cylinder liner puller (RH7095)
  • Jaguar SS to Jaguar MKIV Rear Main Oil Seal Modification Kit

    This is a new rear main oil seal modification kit which is easily fitted to SS Jaguar’s 2.5 and 3.5 to the post-war MKIV Jaguar that is designed with several Jaguar specialists. It is similar to my Rolls-Royce 1959 to … > Read more

    Steam Valve RH2644 replacement

    Steam Valve RH2644 replacement This is the coolant pressure system valve for Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud 2 and 3, Bentley S2 and S3, Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow and Bentley T to chassis number 7333 – Steam Valve. At the present we are conducting strict … > Read more

    Spare fuse wire & holder (DW432P)

    Spare fuse wire & holder (DW432P)  This is the card holder for the spare fuse wire.

    Fuel tank (UR5361P)

      Fuel tank for 1955-1965 Rolls-Royce Cloud I, II, III & Bentley S1, S2, S3. This is a new fuel tank. It is suitable for all four door standard steel Silver Cloud & Bentley S Type models. Replaces UR5361 Fuel … > Read more

    S link (RG6025P)

      S link for equaliser rod spring (RG6025P) These are the small links on each end of the springs RE17032. The links are often missing causing the main spring (RE17032) to be over-extended and weakened. There is one link on … > Read more

    Master cylinder piston kit (RG5782KIT)

      Master Cylinder Internals MK V1 R Type This is a kit containing the main piston as well as all other internal components of the master cylinder kit except the seal kit (RG7028P) and the valve (R3953) This is an … > Read more

    Emission plugs (EMIKIT)

      Plug set for removal of exhaust emission control systems (EMIKIT) This is a set of 8 plugs. On the Silver Shadow range some cars were fitted with an Emission Control System. If this system is removed from the car … > Read more

    Brake reservoir clamp spacer (UR2852P)

      Brake reservoir clamp spacer (UR2852P) This is the anodised spacer for the clamp that retains the brake reservoir jars on all Bentley S Types & Silver Clouds. This is an aftermarket part. Please contact us for further details. Distributed … > Read more

    Brake shoe alignment tool (RH627P)

      Brake shoe alignment tool (RH627P) This is the tool that is required when replacing front and rear brake shoes on all cars from 1945 to 1965. It ensures that the brake shoes are fitted concentrically and square to the … > Read more

    Push rod (RE24053)

      Push rod (RE24053) for operating inlet valve 8:1 compression Please order via mail or contact David Terry by phone +31 (0)6 106 92 346